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i was just getting oddly sentimental about this guy i know. he's a… - here i go again on my own [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
kazi, ms jackson if ya nasty

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[Dec. 16th, 2009|07:09 am]
kazi, ms jackson if ya nasty
i was just getting oddly sentimental about this guy i know. he's a full-blown teacher now - for middle school kids, i think. anyway, i just saw on of his fb updates about how he's got parent-teacher conferences tonight and it got me thinking...
he is, hands down, the person i have known the longest outside of my family. we lived across the street for each other when we were baby babies and then he moved a few streets away when we were like four.
his older sister babysat for me. he and i would tease his little sister. we went to latch key together. our parents knew each other. i'm pretty sure his parents still live in the house a few streets over - whenever i'd go home, i'd see his dad jogging up the gigantic hill that seperated our streets.
he and this other guy who went to latch key with us are still best friends. i see their stuff on fb all the time and it warms my heart. i love the idea of being best friends from the time you're learning your multiplication tables to when you're a teacher yourself.

anyway, i don't know why, but i'm just feeling...i don't know what exactly - just feeling.
i knew him from before kindergarten and i guess i'm just glad that i still am sorta-kinda-facebook-level in touch with him these days.
when i was five, i wanted to marry you, mister rataj.

p.s. i really really want to write his full name, but i just did a quick google and saw that he appears to be the only person in the world (at least the googlable world) with his name, and i don't want him or his gf to google his name and be like, umm, some chick you havent seen in five years or even been particularly close with in ten years wrote a blog about you....